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Favourite buys July

I haven't had the chance to upload any posts for a little while, so I thought I would post about some of the things that I have bought in the last couple of weeks. 


I have been quite good at not spending a lot of money over the last few months. I got paid at the end of June and decided that I deserved some nice new things. 


I will go through the items in the picture starting from the left top.


1) I spend a colossal amount on bath bombs from Lush and own just about every bath bomb that has been released. I decided to try out some new stuff and fell in love with some of their other products. I decided to try out their gourmet soap which smells so nice and is strangely squidgy. It is quite expensive, but it is definitely worth it. I also purchased the ro's argan solid shampoo. I am yet to use it. However, it smells amazing and the girl in the shop showed me how to use it. So simple!!


2) I also decided to buy some new clothes as I needed some new summer tops. The burnt orange top is from New Look and is by far my favourite. It's so nice and quite flattering. The yellow and lace top is also from New Look. I also love this top. However, it is quite short. Definitely makes a pretty summer top. The white top was purchased from Monsoon. It was £35 which is a little expensive. However, the detail on the top is so pretty and looks more expensive.


3) I LOVE this purchase so much. I have wanted this particular Barbour coat for a while. The colour and use of the floral lining on in the inside makes it perfect. I was even more delighted when I went into House of Fraser and found out that it was reduced from £199.99 down to £135. It's so lovely and feels more expensive than some of the similar jackets. 


4) At the moment I am obsessed with anything that has a bumble bee on it. I saw that Shabby2ChicStudio (search them on instagram) were selling these bumble bee kilner and utensils. So pretty and I am so happy with the quality. Would definitely buy from them again. 


5) I have always worn converse trainers or normal vans. I wanted a pair of shoes that were like trainers, but different from what I own. I come across the Vans Palisades and fell in love. I was torn between the grey and the peach/pink colour. I went with the grey colour because I felt that they were easier to put with outfits. They are the best £45 I have spent on shoes. They are so comfortable and look lovely! 



There seems to be a lot of nice bits in the shops at the moment. I definitely suggest going on a little shopping spree. 



I hope that this blog has been helpful. I know that sometimes it's nice to be nosey. 


I promise that I will post more blogs than I have been doing. I have been a bit hectic with work commitments. I have a lot that I want to post.



Thank you for reading 


Gem x

20 things you don't know about me.

As I have just started writing a blog, and due to being a busy bee over the last weekend, I decided that now would be a good time to write a post that reveals a little more information about myself. 



Here goes...


1. I have a twin brother who was born 14 minutes before me -I have never heard the end of that. 


2. I am 21 and my birthday is on August the 7th 


3. My favourite alcoholic drink is gin 


4. I have completed an undergraduate degree in Geography, and I am currently studying my Masters degree in Planning. 


5. I have a massive crush on Sam Claflin and Gerard Butler


6. I am quite tall - I stand at 5 ft 9 


7. My favourite film is Me Before You - but I love all of the Nicholas Spark films. 


8. I get claustrophobic when I am stood in confined spaces or in busy places.


9. I have had my tonsils removed - random one I know!


10. I spend a large amount on Lush bath products.


11. My lucky number is 7 because G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, and because I was born on the 7th. 


12. My favourite shops are Lush, Cath Kidston and Kate Spade


13. I have been to Disneyworld Florida several times - I love Disney!


14. I used to want to be a house builder - and now I work for a large house builder as a Strategic Planner!


15. My favourite memory is when I was little and went to the local lake with my Nan and Grandad.


16. I am going to New York in November with my boyfriend.


17. I have an unhealthy obsession with polka dots and floral patterns. 


18. My favourite flowers are Peonies and Gerbras.




20. My bestfriend is called Meg - which ironically is Gem spelt backwards.



As time goes on I will reveal more about myself, and hopefully create a bigger picture of who I am.



I hope you lovelies are all having a wonderful week in the sunshine!


Gem x

Less moaning. More doing.

I think it is a common feeling amongst women that we have to have the nicest hair, the prettiest looking makeup, and the most fashionable clothing. However, I think the biggest issue that women (and men) face is the lack of confidence that we feel about our weight or the way that we look. 


For most of my life, I have been content with my weight and I have lived a mostly healthy lifestyle. However, in 2013 I went to University, got into a relationship and chose a form of contraception that didn't suit my body. This lead to a small amount of weight gain and a complete lack of self-confidence. This is the most horrible feeling in the world and it seems like there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel. It can have a significant impact on your life and it is hard to change that feeling. 


After months of moaning about it and feeling like a walrus...


I have decided that enough is enough, and rather than moaning about the way I look... I am going to change it. I have made it my goal to get back to a weight and shape that makes me feel good about myself. There are a lot of changes that I need to make. I know that I need to stop snacking on junk food, I need to get more active and I need to start eating meals rather than snacking. This is easier said than done, but it gives me some direction. 


This week I have started to change bad habits and I already feel that I have more energy. However, I have found it difficult to eat a balanced diet when I work in an office. To help my progress I plan on experimenting with different meal ideas and healthy homemade snacks. This is something that I hope I will be able to share on my blog. 


I also plan to start incorporating more vitamins and supplements into my diet to aid my healthier living, improve my skin, and improve boost my energy levels. Again, I will update my blog with reviews on the methods I am using and I post good tips and recipes. 


Hopefully, I will benefit from other people's support, whilst also helping to motivate others. 


I look forward to posting again soon. I hope you enjoyed the first post on my ambition to live a healthier lifestyle!


Until then, Gem x

Every day makeup products

I have to admit, I am not someone that spends hours upon on hours on my makeup for work. I also have a tendency to use makeup brushes for completely the wrong purpose that they were intended. I am sure we are all guilty of that (I hope). However, I do use certain products on a daily basis. 


As a girl, I am constantly finding myself looking at reviews and YouTube tutorials to see what makeup products are good or bad. I also know that I like nosing at other people's makeup. So I thought it would be nice to write a blog about my daily makeup products and how I feel about them. 


Note: I am not a professional makeup artist or that well educated in beauty terminology. So, I apologise


1. EOS lip balm: I have never been overly bothered about spending a lot of money on a lip balm. However, I purchased this in Boots when I had particularly dry lips. It is honestly a godsend. It's fairly expensive for a lip balm, but 100% worth it. 


2. Benefit The Pore Professional: I do really like this product, but I am not sure that I think it is good value for money. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I don't think it particularly reduces the size of pores, but it does make my foundation sit nicely. 


3. NYX Born to Glow Illuminating Primer: I absolutely love mixing this with my foundation as it makes my skin look so radiant. I don't really have a bad word to say about it. 


4. Benefit Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: I love this foundation for weekday use. I find that it covers well and makes my skin look quite dewy. If I was going out I would use a more heavy foundation. I would definitely recommend it if you like a natural look. 


5. Benefit Erase Paste: this is one of my favourite products. I nearly fainted when I looked at how much it costs and saw how tiny the pot is. However, it lasts for such a long time and the coverage is incredible. Really recommend! Especially for when you have Mount Everest on your face! 


6. Bourjois Universal Illuminating Powder: I use this as a setting powder which is probably not what it is intended for. However, I love it as it makes my face look bright and healthy. I love it! 


7. Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid: I am used to using the Benefit High Beam highlighter. I wanted a cheaper highlighter and I found this. I really like it. I like that it is a liquid and doesn't make my skin look dry. 


8. Loreal Telescopic Mascara: AMAZING!! Makes my eyelashes so much fuller and longer without being clumpy. And it doesn't give me panda eyes throughout the day. The best one I have ever used. 


9. NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray: I don't really know why I use it. As I don't pay attention to whether it makes my makeup last longer, or not. However, I don't have any complaints. 


10. Maybelline The Nudes Palette: I always use this palette for my everyday look. However, I prefer more glittery eyeshadow for evenings. 


11. Loreal Brow Artist Genius Kit: again, this is my go to for a weekday or a dressed down look. It is so easy to use and the colour is perfect.



That is all I tend to use for my everyday makeup. However, I will be uploading reviews of other makeup products I have and I will do an 'evening' makeup review. 


I hope that you find this useful! 


Gem x